Thursday, May 15, 2008

Library Survey

Library Survey FormHave you wondered why the Library is asking patrons to fill out a survey about why they came to the Library and if they accomplished their purpose while they were here? Library staff use the information gathered from the survey for planning. Please take the time to complete the survey each time you visit the Library during a survey period so we can get an accurate picture of how the Library is being used in May 2008.

Surveys are handed to patrons as they enter the Library, and a box remains on a table near the entry so the surveys can be returned. Children 12 and under have a yellow survey to fill out, and patrons who are 13 and older have a white survey. Parents can help fill out the survey for children.

The survey period started on Sunday, May 11 and will run through Saturday, May 24. Here are the remaining survey times if you want to time your Library visit to hit (or miss!) filling out a survey:
Friday, May 16 2-4 pm
Saturday, May 17 9-11 am & 2-4 pm
Sunday, May 18 1-3 pm
Monday, May 19 6-8 pm
Tuesday, May 20 4-6 pm
Wednesday, May 21 10 am -12 pm
Thursday, May 22 5-7 pm
Friday, May 23 3-5 pm
Saturday, May 24 11 am – 1 pm

~ Michelle
Adult Services Manager

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