Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Renewable Books and Dystopian Visions

Soylent Green

In anticipation of tomorrow's visit by Dubuque Mayor Roy Buol, we compiled a list of some recently published nonfiction books on environmental issues. This list also includes a summary of Carnegie-Stout Public Library's Research Databases which feature in-depth articles about the environment, global warming, and climate change.

In case you can't make it tomorrow, here's our list:

Renewable Books: Examples of Recent Nonfiction on Environmental Issues (PDF 334 KB)

We also made a list of novels and movies similar to Soylent Green:

Dystopian Visions: If You Enjoyed the 1973 Sci-Fi Thriller Soylent Green, You Might Like These . . . (PDF 313 KB)


~ Mike, Adult Services

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