Monday, June 2, 2008

For Dummies Not So Dumb

Blogging For DummiesEver try to fix the dishwasher with a crochet hook or learn how to make a water fountain out of clay pots? Tried to fix that leaky pipe with duct tape only to find out you’ve made the problem worse?

If you have, welcome to the world of dummies. No, I don’t mean you’re a dummy, but the books, For Dummies, the books for real people trying make themselves feel less helpless in an otherwise complicated world.

For those of you who have ever tried reading a book on how to fix your plumbing or how to potty train your new puppy (or baby) and became totally confused by the complicated diagrams and long words, then the For Dummies books are for you.

You can learn the ins and outs of how to make your home green, teach a parakeet how to talk, take up a fitness program, learn to knit, speak French and how to use the new Microsoft Vista (if that's possible). I learned how to install a new shower head and fix the "running" toilet, plus master that complicated crochet stitch.

The books are written in an easy to use, reader friendly manner. They are full of tips, time savers, and even warnings about what not to do . . . and how to fix it if you do. The For Dummies books really are "reference for the rest of us."

Click here for a printable list of For Dummies titles availabe at Carnegie-Stout Public Library (PDF 160 KB, updated June 2008), including books, DVDs, audiobooks, large-print books, and spanish-language books.

Or click here to browse For Dummies titles in our online library catalog.

~ Colleen, Adult Services

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