Friday, June 27, 2008

Historical Mysteries, Late Victorian England

And Only To DeceiveIf you are looking for authors in the Historical Mystery category, the library has three new entries in this sub genre. All three authors have set their stories in the late Victorian England period.

Tasha Alexander (And Only to Deceive, 2005) and Deanne Raybourn (Silent in the Grave, 2007) introduce young aristocratic widows, who are actually enjoying their new freedoms, until they discover that their husbands have been murdered.  These stories have a romantic suspense feel in a lighter Anne Perry style.

Will Thomas has created Cyrus Barker, a Sherlock Holmes type of enquiry agent in his first book (Some Danger Involved, 2004).  Barker’s first order of business is to find a replacement for his murdered assistant and so enters the narrator of the stories, Thomas Llewelyn.

There are now three titles in the Alexander series; two in Raybourn’s and Will Thomas has four Cyrus Barker adventures.

~ Martha, Adult Services

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