Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jim’s Picks: Philosophy & Sci-Fi

Some of my favorite books found at Carnegie-Stout Public Library include Bertrand Russell's Wisdom of the West – A Historical Survey of Western Philosophy (call number 190 RUS). Along the same lines is The Collected Writings of Thomas Paine (call no. 320.51 PAI). Paine's book includes such classic essays as Common Sense and The Age of Reason.

Job, A Comedy of JusticeMoving into the fiction arena, I highly recommend Job, A Comedy of Justice by Robert A. Heinlein (call no. Science Fiction Heinlein). This quote is from the cover blurb:
After that firewalking gig in Polynesia, the whole world was suddenly changed around him. Instead of fundamentalist minister Alexander Hergensheimer, he was now supposed to be Alec Graham, an underworld figure in the middle of an affair with his stewardess Margrethe – who was the only good thing in the whole mess.

Enjoy, and good reading!

~ Jim, Adult Services

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