Friday, July 18, 2008


Disgusting BugsThe great picture by Mike Day on the front page of today’s TH and Erik Hogstrom’s article “Beetlemania” got me thinking about what resources the Library might have available on beetles. Hmmmmm. Searching by subject, there’s an entry for Japanese-Canadians, but not Japanese beetles. Let’s see . . . Rodale’s Vegetable Garden Problem Solver: the Best and Latest Advice for Beating Pests, Diseases and Weeds and Staying a Step Ahead of Trouble in the Garden (try saying that real fast) has something about Japanese beetles. But along the way I have to pause to check out, the Beatles, Beetle Bailey, Beetlejuice . . . Beetle Juice?!? . . . What other Tim Burton DVDs do we have? . . . Sweeney Todd? No, there’s still a waiting list. Wait! The Dung Beetle Bandits is in. It’s a children’s graphic novel. Darn! Poop Eaters: Dung Beetles in the Food Chain is checked out. How about Disgusting Bugs? No, it’s checked out, too. Oh, yeah. The Youth Services Summer Reading Program is about bugs. “Catch the Reading Bug”. Now what was I looking for?

~ Chel, Adult Services

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