Friday, August 1, 2008

F.I.S.T. 30th Anniversary Celebration

Library Auditorium FIST Screening
Thanks to the nearly 120 people who came to the 30th Anniversary Celebration of F.I.S.T., the Sylvester Stallone movie filmed in Dubuque in 1977.

Since we had enough seats in the auditorium for everyone, we will not re-show F.I.S.T. in August. If you didn't make it to the screening and you still want to see the movie, click here to place a hold on the DVD.

~ Mike, Adult Services


  1. I enjoyed the movie, but most of all I liked hearing the stories and seeing the photos belonging to the Dubuquers who were involved in the making of F.I.S.T. Thanks to all who were willing to share about their F.I.S.T. experiences.

    I have only lived in Dubuque a few years, but I feel at home here.It is refreshing to be part of such a unique community. The Dubuquers, like those who were involved in F.I.S.T., seem not only to appreciate what the city of Dubuque offers them as citizens, but also what Dubuque can teach and share with the rest of the world.

  2. I never remembered that "F.I.S.T." had quite so many violent scenes.

    My favorite scenes were all the ones where you could point out the Dubuque locations. The more we're able to recognize this potential for Dubuque to host movie crews or tourists who love going back in time if only temporarily, the more history we keep intact.

    Thanks for picking the perfect movie for our town and on the 30th anniversary of its filming. Good planning!

    Ann Straley's additional displays & first hand reminisces were a good addition.

  3. I was in 6th grade when they were filming F.I.S.T. I lived in an apartment on Bluff street when they were filming.