Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Encyclopedia Dubuque

Encyclopedia DubuqueMore than 1,900 articles and 600 images on the history of Dubuque, Iowa are now available online for free at Encyclopedia Dubuque at http://www.encyclopediadubuque.org/.

Encyclopedia Dubuque is the revised and expanded version of the original 1991 print edition of Randolph Lyon’s book Dubuque: The Encyclopedia.

The new free online encyclopedia is made possible by the Carnegie-Stout Library Foundation, U.S. Bank, and the Dubuque City Council’s 175th Anniversary Celebration Committee.

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Update: February 21, 2009

Encyclopedia Dubuque has won a 365ink Impact Award for Best on the Web 2008. The Impact Awards are meant to “honor those individuals, organizations and businesses that have made the biggest impact on our life here in the Tri States in 2008.” Click here to learn more about the awards (PDF -- 10.19 MB).

Thanks very much to the Carnegie-Stout Library Foundation, U.S. Bank, and the City of Dubuque for making this possible!

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