Monday, November 2, 2009

Tiny Seedlings

Author J. A. Fitzsimmons visited the Library last Saturday for a book signing and to give us a copy of her book Tiny Seedlings . . . their journey, which is Book One in the fantasy trilogy The Trees of Etainia:
There is a land known as Etainia. It is made up of different countries, unlike any place that has ever existed. In between great rivers, seashores, and lakes, which are miles and miles apart, are cities, towns and villages. Within these lands are unusual events waiting to happen and mysteries yet to unfold. Within these lands are mystical creatures living in hidden and undiscovered places. Within these lands are seasons with magical days and nights, where Time and Colors speak . . .

Books One starts out by introducing you to a courageous family of five tree seedlings. They will take you on a journey into a world ~ where Trees live and Trees rule.
Fitzsimmons grew up in Dubuque and has happy memories of spending time in the Library as a child—"Walking Through a Memory: Carnegie-Stout Library Impacts Young Girl." Julien's Journal, September 2009, page 66. June has also had several poems and articles published in other issues of Julien's Journal. Visit to learn more about Tiny Seedlings.


  1. June is back home in Texas. She sent an e-mail to alert me that the Julien's Journal November issue has another article that she wrote. It encourages single moms and could be used by support groups as a topic for discussion. The title is "Renewal," and it is on p. 52.

  2. I have read the book and it was a wonderful experience. I found myself emerged in the characters and not wanting to put it down. It related to me in many ways in my own personal life and I just can't wait to read the second one! Anne

  3. I enjoyed this book so much, I too had trouble putting it down... I wanted to keep going with out stopping. The anticipation of finding out what was going to happen with all the characters was so exciting. This book is incredibly creative and inspirational. I highly recommend any one of any age to read this book and you are sure to get something great from it.

  4. I just got my copy and I am soooo excited about reading it! I will definitely keep you posted on this blog :) Jan L.