Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DVDs for Presidents' Day

In 1971, President Richard Nixon combined Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays into Presidents' Day, celebrated on the third Monday in February. Presidents' Day is a holiday that pays tribute to both Washington and Lincoln, as well as all those who have served as president. For more information regarding the Presidents' Day holiday, check out this article in Wikipedia.

There have been hundreds of movies made about presidents and the presidency, including non-fiction, like the documentaries, Landslide: a portrait of Herbert Hoover and The War Room. Then there is Frost Nixon: the Watergate interview, (actual footage from 1977) which was also used in the 2008 feature film Frost/Nixon.

There have been plenty of suspense and action films made about the executive branch, like The Day of the Dolphin and The Manchurian Candidate. And of course we can't forget the romantic titles, An American Affair and The American President.

There have been two TV series about the American presidency, West Wing and 24. All seasons of both series are available at the library.

Stop in and see the display of DVDs and videos featuring American presidents or pick up a list of all the "presidential" DVDs in our collection.

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