Friday, February 4, 2011

Read Alike: Julia Quinn

Julia Quinn is a New York Times bestselling author of historical romances, often set during the Regency period; she is also a member of the Romance Writers Association Hall of Fame. She is probably best known for her Bridgerton series, which saw to the matrimonial bliss of eight siblings and starts with The Duke and I. Her books feature well-developed characters who are often very witty, a reflection of the humor found in most of Ms. Quinn’s novels. To balance the light-hearted humor and wit, many of her characters face significant emotional turmoil in their quest for love. The details of the Regency setting, with characters and events that carry over from novel to novel, provide a rich and rewarding experience for her readers. Ms. Quinn does not shy away from the physical aspects of her character’s relationships.

Julia Quinn provides reading recommendations on her website: Julia Quinn Recommends

Other authors you might like if you enjoy Julia Quinn:

  • Suzanne Enoch’s novels have wit, humor, and strong female characters. Sin and Sensibility is the first in her Griffith family series; it features Eleanor Griffin and her search for a little adventure before settling down in a traditional marriage.
  • Sabrina Jeffries writes humorous, character-driven novels that can only be described as steamy. A Dangerous Love is the story of Griff Knighton and Lady Rosalind who desire to avoid an arranged marriage, but find their desire for each other stronger than expected.
  • Eloisa James writes romances that feature strong, witty heroines, with plenty of sexual tension, but also an emphasis on the non-romantic relationships in her character’s lives. Much Ado About You is the first in a series about the Essex sisters; eldest sister Tess must choose between a socially beneficial marriage, and her heart’s desire.
  • Amanda Quick, a pen name of Jayne Ann Krentz, was one of Julia Quinn’s role models when starting out as a romance author, and it shows in their shared humor, suspense and strong characters. The heroine of With this Ring is a widow and the authoress of Gothic novels, who goes looking for a set of mythical rings, and finds herself in a situation similar to one of her Gothic plots.
  • Stephanie Laurens’ novels have a focus on family ties and a humorous tone, and tend to be seen from the hero’s perspective. The Lady Chosen is the story of Tristan Wemyss, who must marry to receive his inheritance, but the woman he’s chosen has no desire to wed.
  • Lisa Kleypas sets many of her romances in the later Victorian period, though her unconventional characters’ battles of wit are timeless. In Mine Till Midnight, Amelia Hathaway has given up on love until she meets Cam, a half gypsy businessman.
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