Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day!

Today is the 41st Earth Day, which was founded by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, and is today celebrated in 175 countries around the world. You can read more about Earth Day's beginnings at Gaylord Nelson and Earth Day, a website created by the University of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

The Roshek Building is hosting a local Earth Day celebration on Saturday, April 23rd. You can read more about the events and activities at Dubuque 2.o's Events Calander. Dubuque 2.0 was organized to help promote and further the city of Dubuque's Sustainability goals.

Carnegie-Stout Public Library is currently hosting the 4th Annual Recycle Art Show. Stop by to see this year's creative entries!

We have a number of books and movies to check out as well. Check out the lists below, and stop by the Recommendations Desk to pick up a bookmark with more reading suggestions!

Books on Sustainability, Recycling, and the Green Movement.

Movies for Earth Day:
Sacred Planet: discover the magic of the planet that everyone calls home (DVD 508)
Six Degrees Could Change the World (DVD 551.64)
Rachel Carson's Silent Spring (DVD 333.72)
Earth Report. State of the Planet 2009 (DVD 363.7)
An Inconvenient Truth (DVD 363.738)
Car of the Future: engineering for the environment (DVD 629.222)
Saved by the Sun (DVD 333.792)
Planet Earth: the complete series (DVD 508)
Save the Endangered Species (DVD 578.68)
The National Parks: America's best idea (DVD 917.3)
Camp Forgotten: the Civilian Conservation Corps in Michigan (DVD 977.4)

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