Monday, May 9, 2011

Gardening Season

The weather is finally settling into Spring, and Iowa is turning green again (with spots of lilac, daffodil yellow, and tulip red). And that means it's time once again to start thinking about the garden! Whether you're wondering how to handle pests in your rose bushes organically, or if you have enough light at your new apartment to grow some tomatoes on the patio, we've got some helpful resources for you.

Check out this list of Gardening Books or stop by the Recommendations Desk to see our Gardening Books Display. Yes! We do have a new bookmark.

We also have a number of Gardening Magazines:

Better Homes and Gardens
Birds & Blooms
Iowa Gardening
Hobby Farm Home
Organic Gardening
This Old House
Fine Gardening

Iowa State University's Iowa Extension also has some great information for gardening in Iowa. If you don't see something that answers your question here, stop by Carnegie-Stout, give us a call at (563) 589-4225, or leave a comment here.

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