Friday, May 13, 2011

Read Alike: Clive Cussler

Clive Cussler is both the author of adventure fiction, and a bit of an adventurer himself. Mr. Cussler made his name with his Dirk Pitt series. Dirk is a globe-trotting military veteran and marine engineer with the National Underwater and Marine Agency. In the novels, NUMA is a governmental agency devoted to oceanographic research and exploration, but in the real world NUMA is a private non-profit organization founded by Mr. Cussler, which has located a number of sunken vessels from the American Civil War. You can read more about Mr. Cussler at his web page.

Mr. Cussler is a rather prolific author who has written dozens of books, both fiction and non-fiction. His action-packed, fast-paced series keep readers on their toes as the heroes race to save the day and discover the answer to a mystery, often with an historical basis. His non-fiction titles focus on the real world adventures of NUMA and its underwater archaeologists and explorers. Most recently, he has published The Jungle with Jack Du Brul, the latest in the Oregon Files series, about Juan Cabrillo's adventures in global counter-terrorism. June will see the publication of the third book in the Fargo Adventures series, The Kingdom with Grant Blackwood, which feature Sam and Remi Fargo, professional treasure hunters.

If you like Clive Cussler, you might also like these authors:

Jack Du Brul, frequent co-author of Clive Cussler, writes his own action-packed series featuring geologist Philip Mercer. Havoc, the most recent of the series, has Philip Mercer following the trail of a secret from the Hindenburg to a remote African village.

Ian Fleming is the man behind James Bond, the resourceful British spy, and the literary ancestor of Dirk Pitt. The first book in the series, Casino Royale, was the source for Daniel Craig's first turn as Bond.

Will Adams' archaeologist adventurer, Daniel Knox, who finds more than antiquities in modern-day Egypt. In The Alexander Cipher, rival teams of experts engage in a suspenseful race to discover the lost tomb of Alexander the Great.

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have been writing together since 1995. Their thrilling novels are always fast-paced and exciting and feature everything from paleontology to hard science, but can be a little darker than Mr. Cussler's works. Their popular Pendergast series starts with Relic, a suspenseful murder mystery set in a Natural History Museum. Individually, they have written several books as well. In Mr. Preston's The Codex, a treasure hunter goes missing and his sons set off in search of their father and his fortunes.

Ted Bell's Alexander Hawke series has action, humor, exotic locations, and a swashbuckling spy. Hawke, the first book of the series, sends the title character on a hunt for a stealth submarine.

Matthew Reilly is an Australian author of the fast-paced action/adventure genre, which means that his Australian protagonists will come up against deadly American villains. 7 Deadly Wonders is the first in a series featuring hero Jack West Jr. and his elite team in their quest to save the world from modern enemies and an ancient danger.

James Rollins writes thrilling, suspenseful adventure novels set in dangerous far-flung corners of the globe. The first book of his Sigma Force series, Sandstorm, has his independent heroes tracking the location of a lost city and the scientific wonder it contains.

Other authors of adventure fiction you may enjoy, Peter Benchley, Tom Clancy, John J. Nance, Dale Brown, W.E.B. Griffin, Stephen Coonts, Bernard Cornwell, Clive Egleston, Jack Higgins, and Eric van Lustbader.

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