Monday, June 13, 2011

Phantom Evil -Krewe of Hunters #1 by Heather Graham

Heather Graham is an author who often writes books that could be considered mystery, romance, or science-fiction as many of her recent works contain elements from all three genres. In Graham's latest series, Krewe of Hunters, starting with Phantom Evil, she blends elements of the supernatural with a mystery that needs to be solved and throws in a dash of romance. Readers familiar with Graham will recognize the name of Adam Harrison from the Harrison Investigation series. In that series, Harrison usually brings in a paranormal investigator to solve a mystery because there is some type of paranormal activity that baffles local authorities. In the Krewe of Hunters series Harrison finally, with the FBI's blessing, assembles a group of six paranormal investigators who work together to solve crimes.

In the series opener, FBI agent Jackson Crow is asked to be the leader of this secret government unit and heads to New Orleans to meet the other five members of his team. Angela, Jake, Jenna, Will and Whitney along with Jackson all have some type of psychic talent. Their first case: a Senator's wife falls to her death off the balcony of an old historic New Orleans mansion. Did she commit suicide or was she pushed to her death by some sort of other-worldly entity? In the course of the investigation the team members must learn to trust one another and Jackson, a true skeptic, is drawn to Angela, perhaps the strongest psychic in the group.

Graham uses an obvious location, New Orleans, as the backdrop to launch this paranormal series. New Orleans it seems, has become nearly synonymous with the paranormal. Despite the choice of of location or perhaps because of it, Phantom Evil kept me on my toes. Just when I though I had figured who/what killed the senator's wife, another twist was thrown in. I typically don't start a series until at least the third book is published because I'm impatient and read too quickly. In this case, I've had the pleasure of reading advanced copies of the second and third books, Heart of Evil (June 22nd) and Sacred Evil (July 26th). Each book deals with a different member of the team. Heart of Evil focuses on Jake and takes the team to a plantation owned by Jake's former high-school sweetheart. Sacred Evil is Whitney's story and takes place in New York City following a case that mimics Jack the Ripper. The three Krewe of Hunter books I've read have plenty of twists and turns and the writing was creepy enough to keep my interest. I'm looking forward to the 4th entry in the series The Evil Inside (August 3oth).

~Amy, Adult Services

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