Monday, July 18, 2011

The Bride's House by Sandra Dallas

Browsing through the fiction stacks recently, I was attracted by a book’s cover. (Sometimes I live dangerously and ignore that advice about judging a book by its cover!) Turns out it was written by Sandra Dallas, one of my favorite storytellers. The Bride's House is a story about three generations of women who have all lived in the same beautiful Victorian home in Georgetown, Colorado. There is so much emphasis on the house, it is almost like a character itself.

I was not surprised to see that the Denver Post used the headline: “Dallas’ new novel stars her redone historic digs.” Turns out Dallas and her husband walked into the old mountain town four years ago and saw their dream house. Most everyone else in Georgetown just saw a dilapidated old eyesore.

Dallas began her writing career as a reporter for Business Week. She was the magazine’s first female bureau chief, covering the Rocky Mountain region. Both her fiction and nonfiction have won awards. She says this about her writing: “ I don’t write books with messages….I write about woman’s place, about what life was like for women, the challenges and problems that women have in different time periods in history. If there is a lesson, it’s that we have changed, and we now have more options and we are more fortunate than the women who went before us, thanks to feminism, to women who worked to make life better for others.”

Dallas is one of the authors I recommend when someone asks me for a good book. Great summer reading! Enjoy!

~Betty, Adult Services

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