Monday, July 11, 2011

"A Dance With Dragons" Read Alike Links

One of the search terms that leads people to W. 11th & Bluff is "George R.R. Martin Read Alikes." Readers are pointed to Read Alike lists we've posted where Mr. Martin is included, and to the staff review I wrote back in April. I didn't think to include any reading suggestions at the time, but thought I'd make up for that by directing you towards some read alike lists created by others. So if on this, the long awaited publication day for A Dance With Dragons, you're looking for A Song of Ice and Fire Read Alike, you should check out these links!

From the New York Public Library: Winter Is Coming: The Grouchy Librarian's Guide to Down and Dirty Fantasy

From George R.R. Martin: What I'm Reading

From the NoveList Plus: George R.R. Martin Read-alikes
For anyone unfamiliar with NoveList Plus, this database is a great resource for reading suggestions, and it's also what provides the handy "Other books in this series" in our catalog!

And if you can't get enough fantasy, check back on August 26th for a Robert Jordan Read Alikes list, or stop by the Recommendations Desk the next time you visit Carnegie-Stout!

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