Monday, August 1, 2011

Atlantis Redeemed by Alyssa Day

This will be my last official book review for Carnegie Stout, as I have accepted a position with the State Library of Iowa, but I have several Read Alike posts coming up on ‘cozy mysteries.’ If you don’t know what cozies are, stay tuned to W. 11th & Bluff.

I realized we haven’t reviewed many romances here, so I thought I would find a newer one to read. I asked a colleague for some suggestions and finally picked Atlantis Redeemed by Alyssa Day. It is number five of the “Warriors of Poseidon” series. One complaint I read about this particular title, was that it was not very well tied to the rest of the series, but as this is the only one I read, that wasn’t an issue. In fact, I felt it was fine as a stand-alone title.

Imagine being cursed by a god, “for all eternity, until such time as you meet your one true mate, you will feel no emotion. Neither sadness nor joy, neither rage nor delight.” Brennan, a warrior of Poseidon, has angered the god and brought down this horrible curse. But when he finally meets Tiernan, all his emotions, stored up over centuries, come flooding back. The second half of the curse: Brennan will forget her, as soon as she is out of his sight. Tiernan’s gift, the ability to detect lies, comes in handy as an investigative reporter. She and Brennan must find out the truth about scientists conducting experiments on humans and shape shifters. Throw in a vampire enclave and you have a fast paced, exciting story.

There are some steamy parts as Brennan and Tiernan explore their relationship, under the restrictions of the curse. It takes all parties: the shape shifters - a wolf pack in Yellowstone, the vampires, the Atlanteans and the human Tiernan working together to defeat the evil scientists. Poseidon finally relents and Brennan and Tiernan get their happily ever after.

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