Thursday, August 4, 2011

International Beer Day

In 2007, a group of friends got together and decided to celebrate their friendship and their favorite beverage: beer. They created a website, and a new holiday was born. This year's celebration will be tomorrow, Friday, August 5th.

Their website suggests ways to celebrate the holiday, but the only requirement is to enjoy a beer with your friends. While drinking beer is not an option at Carnegie-Stout, we do have several books on the topic!

For a history of beer and brewing try:
Ambitious Brew: the story of American beer (663 OGL)

Brewmaster's Art: the history and science of beermaking (CD Audio Book 641.873 BAM)

Guinness: the 250-year quest for the perfect pint (338.766342)

You may also enjoy this online infographic: History Lesson: The Story of Beer

For guides on making your own beer try:
Beer Craft: a simple guide to making great beer (641.873 BOS)

Making Beer (641.873 MAR)

How to Brew: ingredients, methods, recipes, and equipment for brewing beer at home (641.873 PAL)

Homebrewing for Dummies (641.873 NAC)

You may want to stop by the Bluff St Brew Haus, which offers supplies and advice for homebrewing and wine making.

Cooking with Beer & More
Beer-can Chicken: and 74 other offbeat recipes for the grill (641.8784 RAI) From the master of grilling, Steve Raichlen.

Booze Cakes: confections spiked with spirits, wine, and beer (641.8653 CAS) These recipes come highly recommended by several staff members!

He Said Beer, She Said Wine (641.2 OLD) This book provides advice for pairing wine and beer with different meals.

All the Best From the German Beer Garden (CD World)

There are no official events occurring in the Dubuque area this Friday, but you could always head over to the former Dubuque Star Brewery or watch "Take This Job and Shove it" with friends. You might also consider taking a trip up to Potosi, Wisconsin to tour the Potosi Brewery and museum of brewing.

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  1. Interesting post for people who want to do other beer-related activities other than just drinking beer! Have a great day fellow beer lovers! :)