Monday, August 1, 2011

"Majesty" is August's Magazine of the Month

Majesty is a monthly magazine that provides coverage of the royal families of the world, with a special focus on the ever fascinating British Royal family. If you too were caught up in the excitement of the recent Royal Wedding, we invite you to stop by and check out Majesty for yourself! You can also check their website to get a preview.

August marks the four-month wedding anniversary for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I wonder if they'll be taking any hints from this eHow article on celebrating four-month anniversaries? To celebrate in your own home, check out our DVD of the happy day: "The Royal Wedding: William and Catherine" (941.085 ROY)

August 4th will mark the 111th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother's birth. Though she died in 2002, the award-winning "The King's Speech" has drawn greater attention in her direction.

August 11th is the 300th anniversary of the Royal Ascot Racecourse. Yet another location to wear your fanciest of hats!

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