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Cozy Mysteries-Crafts and Hobbies

Antiquing seems to be a popular subject for cozy mysteries. There are at least four different author series featuring antiques, under the broad heading of crafts and hobbies. Knitting, crocheting and quilting are also popular topics for cozy mystery writers.

Clicking on the blue hyperlink will take you to the library catalog for the entire series. The bold title is the first book in the series, followed by a description, provided by NoveList.

Trash 'n' treasures mysteries
(Most Recent: 2011)
By: Allan, Barbara
Antiques Roadkill: Brandy Borne finds her return home met with mayhem and murder when her mother, a larger-than-life actress and gossip, is swindled out of some priceless antiques by Clint Carson who then winds up dead, making Brandy the prime suspect.

Dolls to die for mysteries (Most Recent: 2008)
By: Baker, Deb
Dolled up for Murder: Gretchen Birch, her mother Caroline, and her Aunt Nina discover that doll collecting can be a dangerous business, especially when it leads to murder, in this all new mystery series inspired by one of the world's most popular hobbies.

Josie Prescott antiques mysteries (Most Recent: 2011)
By: Cleland, Jane K.
Consigned to Death: Abandoning her lucrative career with a famous New York auction house following a high profile price-fixing scandal to live on the New Hampshire coast, Josie Prescott's peaceful new life is turned upside down by murder when the local police chief pegs her as a prime suspect in the crime.

Needlecraft mysteries (Most Recent: 2010)
By: Ferris, Monica
Crewel World: When her sister Margot turns up dead in her own needlecraft store in Excelsior, Minnesota, Betsy Devonshire launches her own investigation into the murder, uncovering an array of suspects ranging from an ambitious former employee to a greedy landlord.

Seaside knitters mysteries (Most Recent: 2011)
By: Goldenbaum, Sally
Death by Cashmere: When Angie Archer, her unpopular upstairs tenant, turns up drowned in the harbor, Isabel "Izzy" Chambers, owner of a knitting shop in the village of Sea Harbor, Massachusetts, and her friends, the Seaside Knitters, investigate the suspicious death.

Home repair is homicide mysteries
(Most Recent: 2011)
Alternate series name: Jacobia Tiptree mysteries
By: Graves, Sarah
The Dead Cat Bounce: Jake finds the corpse of a world-famous corporate trader who used to be a local boy, and when her friend Ellie confesses to the murder, Jake smells a cover-up and investigates as cops and journalists swarm into snowbound Eastport.

Claire Hanover mysteries (Most Recent: 2009)
Alternate series name: Claire Hanover, gift basket designer, mysteries
By: Groundwater, Beth
A Real Basket Case: Feeling neglected by her workaholic husband, forty-something gift basket maker Claire Hanover joins an aerobics class. In a moment of weakness, Claire agrees to let charming aerobics instructor Enrique come to her house to give her a massage. She realizes she has made a deadly mistake when Enrique is shot and killed in her bedroom and her husband Roger is arrested for the murder.

Knitting mysteries (Most Recent: 2007)
By: Kruger, Mary
Died in the Wool: When knitting shop owner Ariadne Evans stumbles upon the body of Edith Perry, a temperamental customer, in her store, she is plunged into the investigation into the crime, especially when her close friend Diane becomes a prime suspect and Detective Joshua Hayes, baffled by the knitting aspects of the case, enlists her assistance.

Decoupage mysteries (Most Recent: 2011)
By: Lawrence, Lucy
Stuck on Murder: Struggling to escape her painful past and earn acceptance in the New England community of Morse Point by teaching a decoupage class, Brenna Miller reluctantly persuades her enigmatic landlord to sell lakefront property to developers only to learn that the man is being framed for murder.

Home crafting mysteries (Most Recent: 2011)
Alternate series name: Sophie Mae Reynolds mysteries
By: McRae, Cricket
Lye in Wait: Cocoa butter soap, check. Lemon lip balm, check. A dead body? That's just what Sophie Mae Reynolds finds in her workroom: the corpse of Walter Hanover, the neighborhood handyman. He died from drinking lye, something she has in good supply. But the police don't suspect Sophie Mae, a thirty-something widow who makes and sells beauty products.

Antique lover's mysteries (Most Recent: 2006)
By: Morgan, Deborah
Death is a Cabaret: (not owned) Former FBI agent Jeff Talbot, a professional antiques picker, is forced to draw on his old crime-solving skills when a priceless French cabaret set, commissioned by Napoleon for Josephine, goes up for auction and rival collectors start turning up dead.

Den of Antiquity mysteries (Most Recent: 2011)
By: Myers, Tamar
Larceny and Old Lace: When her eccentric aunt Eulonia is murdered, antiques dealer Abigail Timberlake wonders about the murder weapon--an exquisite bell pull--and her aunt's missing lace collection, and is horrified when her own son is threatened.

Candlemaking mysteries (Most Recent: 2006)
By: Myers, Tim
At Wick's End: Harrison Black soon discovers that he has inherited more than just his Great-Aunt Belle's candle shop when someone ransacks her apartment, forcing Harrison to embark an investigation that could get him snuffed out.

Soapmaking mysteries (Most Recent: 2007)
By: Myers, Tim
Dead Men Don't Lye: When his sister, Louisa, is accused of murdering her sleazy boyfriend Jerry, who was also the ingredient supplier for the family's specialty soap store, Benjamin must delve into Jerry's sordid past to prove Louisa's innocence.

Someday Quilts mysteries (Most Recent: 2010)
Alternate series name: Nell Fitzgerald mysteries
By: O'Donohue, Clare
The Lover's Knot: Overjoyed to receive a handmade quilt from her grandmother as an engagement gift until her fiancé calls off the wedding, Nell seeks refuge at her grandmother's home in picturesque Archers Rest, until the body of a local handyman turns up in the quilt shop and Nell is drawn into the investigation--and to the handsome police chief.

Knitting mysteries (Most Recent: 2011)
By: Sefton, Maggie
Knit One, Kill Two: Finding a killer becomes an all-too-personal quest for Kelly Flynn when she returns to Colorado from Washington, D.C., to uncover the truth about the death of her beloved Aunt Helen, turning to the knitting regulars at the House of Lambspun for a few lessons in knitting and in capturing a murderer.

Kitzi Camden mysteries (Most Recent: 2007)
By: Smith, Barbara Burnett
Bead on Trouble: When a young beader is killed at a beading retreat, Kitzi is faced with almost as many suspects as there are beads in her bag.

A Quilting mystery (Most Recent: 2008)
By: Thayer, Terri
Wild Goose Chase: When her mother passes away, Dewey becomes the new proprietress of Quilter Paradiso. Between learning the business and dealing with a conniving employee who is also her sister-in-law, Dewey is ready to snap. Then she finds a famous quilter lying dead on the floor-a bloody rotary cutter at her side. When hunky homicide detective Buster Healy enters the scene, romance flourishes... until another murder takes place. Can Dewey thread together the pieces to this murderous pattern before the killer strikes again?

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