Friday, October 21, 2011

Read Alike: Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz writes suspenseful horror novels that maintain a fast-pace and intricate plots. His novels are not for those with faint hearts or weak stomachs, but if you don't mind violence or adult language, Mr. Koontz provides a satisfyingly unsettling read.

His earliest novels were more straightforward science fiction titles or explorations of other genres written under various pseudonyms. The current day result of his varied writing experience are novels that mix genre elements and keep readers on the edges of their seats.

Though most of his novels stand alone, Mr. Koontz also writes the popular Odd Thomas series. There won't be a new Odd Thomas title until the summer of 2012, but the stand alone 77 Shadow Street is due out this December.
You can read more about Mr. Koontz on his website (, which includes a section on his beloved dog, Trixie.

Other authors fans of Dean Koontz may enjoy include:

Stephen King is arguably the biggest name in horror fiction, and it's likely you've already picked up one of his fast-paced novels with their sympathetic heroes and truly evil villains. Consider this your opportunity to add a hold request for Mr. King's upcoming science fiction suspense story about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, 11/22/63.

John Saul is another long-standing name in the field of horror writing. His fast-paced novels are cleverly plotted and suspenseful have appeal for adults as well as older teens. Start with House of Reckoning, Sarah Crane is lonely in her new foster home until she is befriended by the high school art teacher, but things start to fall apart when Sarah's paintings begin to echo violent crimes from the town's past.

Dan Simmons, like Mr. Koontz, has written both horror and science fiction, and featuring similarly sympathetic characters. Mr. Simmons, however, writes in a greater variety of style and tone from the character-driven and atmospheric historical novel The Terror (see Allison's staff review of The Terror) to the hardboiled mysteries featuring Joe Kurtz (start with Hardcase). More traditional horror fans should start with Children of the Night for Mr. Simmons take on vampires.

David Ambrose is the author of supernatural thrillers with an emphasis on the paranormal. His novels include detail on the technical aspects in addition to their fast-paced plots. Start with Superstition, scientists attempt to create a ghost, but their experiment quickly escapes their control with deadly consequences.

Peter Straub, an occasional coauthor of Stephen King, has written a number of creepy, violent, intricately plotted horror novels. Start with A Dark Matter, a midnight ritual in 1960s Wisconsin continues to haunt the participants 40 years later.

Joe Hill is the son of Stephen King, and an author of compelling and creepy horror stories in his own right, as well as a series of graphic novels, Locke & Key. To sample his novels try Heart Shaped Box, Judas Coyne is more interested in his collection of occult knick-knacks than his career as a rock star, but adding a ghost purchased over the internet to his collection was not his wisest move.

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