Friday, October 7, 2011

Read Alike: Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury is one of the biggest names in Christian Fiction. Her novels are heart-warming, inspirational, often romantic, and always have a happy ending. She describes her books as Life-Changing Fiction (tm), and Ms. Kingsbury does not shy away from challenging subjects like abortion or September 11th.

She writes stand-alone novels, like Unlocked, a story of autism, bullying, and the power of faith and high school musicals. However Ms. Kingsbury is best known for her series which follow the lives and loves of families and friends over the years. She's also written Non-fiction titles, as well as children's picture books.

The third book of her latest trilogy, Longing, comes out this November. In the first novel, Leaving, Bailey Flanigan leaves her hometown for the stages of Broadway, and finds no shortage of romantic possibility.

You can read more about Ms. Kingsbury, her books, and her charitable work on her website:

If you're already a fan of Karen Kingsbury, you might also enjoy these authors:

Lisa Tawn Bergren writes inspirational romances with both contemporary and historical settings, as well as Christian children's books. Her characters are flawed humans who strive to overcome their failings, and her plots include enough action to keep the pace moving. Start with The Bridge, a stand alone novel about a man haunted by the tragedy of his past, who returns to the Montana of his youth with his own young son and finds redemption.

Terri Blackstock is the author of fast-paced Christian Fiction that ranges from straightforward romance to suspenseful mystery to near-future dystopia. The challenges large and small her characters face help them to grow in their faith. For a story of family and community try Seasons Under Heaven, written with co-author Beverly LaHaye. For a suspenseful mystery try Cape Refuge, the first in a series about a small Georgia community.

Sharon Hinck has written a Christian Fantasy series in addition to novels with a contemporary setting. Her novels often make use of her experience as a mother of four to include the details of daily family life. Ms. Kingsbury's fans may enjoy Stepping into Sunlight. This is the story of a woman who is left to cope with post-traumatic stress after witnessing a violent crime; her struggle is only compounded when her husband is deployed, and she is left with her nightmares, her children, and her faith.

Francine Rivers writes inspirational novels about contemporary Christian characters and the difficult issues that challenge their faith. She also writes historical novels based on Biblical people and events. She deals frankly with topics like sexual violence and abortion, but readers may enjoy The Atonement Child about a young Christian woman who is raped and becomes pregnant as a consequence.

Nicholas Sparks' novels are easy to read, heartwarming, and a little bittersweet, with characters who are family oriented. His novels are popular across age groups and several have been adapted as movies. If you're new to Mr. Sparks, try The Notebook, but if you're already a fan, check out our Nicholas Sparks Read Alike post.

Dee Henderson writes Christian romantic suspense novels that are action-packed and character-driven. Try True Devotion, the first in her Uncommon Heroes series about military heroes starts with a Navy SEAL, the young widow he loves, and the man who murdered her first husband.

Lori Wick writes both contemporary and historical Inspirational Romances that share a strong sense of place and emphasis on community. Try Bamboo and Lace about a young woman raised by her missionary parents on a remote Pacific island who goes to Hawaii to visit her brother, and finds so much more.

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