Friday, November 11, 2011

Cozy Mysteries-Gardening

Flower shops and gardens play a prominent part in many cozy mystery series. Personally, I've never understood the mystique of "getting my hands in the dirt." I garden in pots, so I don't have to weed, just water every few days. Since I'm not really a gardener, I thought I would share this website full of garden quotes.

Clicking on the blue hyperlink will take you to the library catalog for the entire series. The bold title is the first book in the series, followed by a description, provided by NoveList.

China Bayles mysteries
(Most Recent: 2011)
By: Albert, Susan Wittig
Thyme of Death: When her friend Jo dies of an apparent suicide, ex-lawyer and herb-shop proprietor China Bayles looks with suspicion upon the friendly faces of quaint Pecan Springs.

Darling Dahlias mysteries (Most Recent: 2010)
By: Albert, Susan Wittig
The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree: The Depression-era women of a Darling, Alabama, garden club get to the bottom of a mysterious buried treasure and a young woman's murder.

Flower shop mysteries (Most Recent: 2011)
By: Collins, Kate
Mum's the Word: When her vintage Corvette falls victim to a hit-and-run, flower shop owner Abby Knight, crusader for all things good, joins forces with gorgeous cop Marco Salvare to catch the culprit, an investigation that becomes filled with deadly twists and turns.

English garden mysteries (Most Recent: 2009)
By: Eglin, Anthony
The Blue Rose: Believing they have found their dream home in a beautiful English garden house, Alex and Kate Sheppard make a science-defying discovery in their garden and find their world unraveling in the wake of genetic experiments, coded journals, and murder.

Lady Susanna Appleton mysteries (Most Recent: 2007)
By: Emerson, Kathy Lynn
Face Down in the Marrow-bone Pie: Lady Susanna Appleton, an herbalist with a wide awareness of the medicinal values of plants, ignores her husband in Elizabethan England and investigates the possibility of poisoning in the murder of their manor's steward.

Dirty business mysteries (Most Recent: 2011)
Alternate series name: Paula Holliday mysteries
By: Harris, Rosemary
Pushing Up Daisies: When landscaper Paula Holliday stumbles upon a mummified corpse on the overgrown property of a wealthy dowager's estate, she joins forces with an ex-colleague, an aging rocker, and a secretive Mexican laborer to solve the crime.

Gardening mysteries (Most Recent: 2005)
By: Harrison, Janis
Roots of Murder: A small Midwest town fills with doubt and suspicion as Bretta Solomon, a widowed flower shop owner, begins to investigate the mysterious death of an Amish farmer who has always supplied her with her best flowers.

Gardening mysteries (Most Recent: 2006)
Alternate series name: Louise Eldridge mysteries
By: Ripley, Ann
Mulch: Organic gardener-turned-sleuth Louise Eldridge discovers that life is not always rosy, when, while mulching her yard with neighbors' clippings, she discovers body parts in some of the bags.

White House gardener mysteries (Most Recent: 2011)
By: St. James, Dorothy
Flowerbed of State: When White House gardener Casey Calhoun is attacked by an unknown assailant and discovers a dead body, she tries to find the killer before she meets the same fate as the dead woman.

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