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Cozy Mysteries - Great Britain

The last specialty cozy category we are going to explore is mysteries set in Great Britain; including England, Scotland and Wales. This category tends to be a favorite of mystery readers. Although she is not included here, Agatha Christie is perhaps the most well known of all cozy mystery writers. So it is fitting that we close out our look at cozies with those set in Great Britain.

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I hope you have enjoyed checking out this series of lists as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Clicking on the blue hyperlink will take you to the library catalog for the entire series. The bold title is the first book in the series, followed by a description, provided by NoveList.

Roger Hayes mysteries (Most Recent: 2007)
By: Armstrong, Vivien
No Birds Singing: After being transferred to the quiet village of Newton Greys, Chief Inspector Roger Hayes investigates the murder of hairdresser Sandy Prentice, and slowly begins to realize that not everything is as it seems.

Aunt Dimity mysteries (Most Recent: 2011)
By: Atherton, Nancy
Aunt Dimity's Death: Summoned from her latest dreadful temp job by her lawyers, Lori Shephard discovers that Aunt Dimity--her mother's favorite bedtime story heroine--was a real person who has left her millions and the challenge to solve an eerie mystery.

Agatha Raisin mysteries (Most Recent:2010)
By: Beaton, M. C.
Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death: In order to introduce herself to the picturesque English village where she has just retired, Mrs. Agatha Raisin enters a quiche in a local competition and promptly finds herself a murder suspect when the judge dies from her poisonous pie.

Mr. and Mrs. Darcy mysteries (Most Recent: 2010)
By: Bebris, Carrie
Pride and Prescience: Just after their wedding, the newlywed hero and heroine of Pride & Prejudice become involved in a bizarre mystery involving wedding guest Caroline Bingley, who has become engaged to wed a wealthy, charismatic American.

Constable Evans mysteries (Most Recent: 2006)
By: Bowen, Rhys
Evan's Above: As constable of the Welsh village of Llanfair, Evan Evans enjoys the quiet life among the town's eccentrics, until two visiting hikers are found dead, and Evan must discover the link between their murder and the destruction of prize-winning tomatoes.

Royal Spyness mysteries (Most Recent: 2010)
Alternate series name: Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie novels
By: Bowen, Rhys
Her Royal Spyness: A penniless twenty-something member of the British nobility, Lady Victoria puts her sleuthing talents to work when an arrogant Frenchman, who is determined to gain control of her family's eight-hundred-year-old estate for himself, ends up dead in her bathtub.

Fethering mysteries (Most Recent: 2010)
By: Brett, Simon
The Body on the Beach: Retiree Carole Seddon's peaceful life in the English seaside town of Feathering is turned upside down when she stumbles upon a corpse on the beach while walking her dog and joins forces with her bohemian neighbor, Jude, to find a killer.

Ellie Haskell mysteries (Most Recent: 2009)
By: Cannell, Dorothy
The Thin Woman: Reluctant to show up at her family reunion carrying so many extra pounds, unmarried, overweight Ellie Simons hires Bentley T. Haskell to pose as her fiancé, thus beginning a weekend of romance, jealousy, and murder.

Dorothy Martin mysteries (Most Recent: 2011)
By: Dams, Jeanne M.
The Body in the Transept: Struggling through a painful first holiday season after the death of her beloved husband, eccentric amateur sleuth Dorothy Martin finds further trouble when she discovers a dead body, but a handsome chief constable lifts her mood.

Dido Kent mysteries (Most Recent: 2011)
By: Dean, Anna
Bellfield Hall, or, the Observations of Miss Dido Kent: Visiting Bellfield Hall to comfort her niece, who has been seemingly abandoned by her wealthy fiancé, Miss Dido Kent investigates the possibly related death of a young woman, a situation that is complicated by surprising secrets.

Cornish mysteries (Most Recent: 2010)
Alternate series name: Eleanor Trewynn mysteries
By: Dunn, Carola
Manna From Hades: The day after collecting donations, elderly widow Eleanor Trewynn and the vicar's wife find the dead body of a longhaired, scruffy-looking youth hidden in the stockroom of the charity shop. Then they discover that some donated jewelry thought to be fake is actually very real, very expensive, and the haul from a violent robbery in London. Making matters more complex, the corpse found in the storeroom is apparently not one of the robbers.

Daisy Dalrymple mysteries (Most Recent: 2011)
By: Dunn, Carola
Death at Wentwater Court: When her father dies and her boyfriend is killed in the war, the Honorable Daisy Dalrymple declines the opportunity of living with her mother and strikes out on her own as a journalist. She's hired by a magazine to do a series of articles, of English country manor houses. At Wentwater Court, her first assignment, she's with old friends and a new face, the sinister Lord Stephen Astwith. When he's found dead, the connection is made to area jewel thefts, but the house is full of likely suspects.

Harriet Martens mysteries
(Most Recent: 2008)
By: Keating, H. R.F.
The Hard Detective: Two of hard-nosed detective Harriet Martin's officers have been murdered, and Harriet must desperately try to prevent further deaths as she connects the murders to a quote from the Book of Exodus about "Life for life, eye for eye".

Isabel Dalhousie mysteries (Most Recent: 2010)
Alternate series name: Sunday philosophy club
By: McCall Smith, Alexander
The Sunday Philosophy Club: The editor of "The Review of Applied Ethics" and a curious lover of puzzles, Isabel Dalhousie decides to investigate when she witnesses the fatal fall of a young man and discovers that he had been probing misdeeds at his brokerage firm.

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