Monday, November 7, 2011

Sockology by Brenna Maloney

I adore Carnegie-Stout's collection of craft books. While we don't have everything, it's delightfully eclectic and there's always room to expand. The problem with having such an extensive collection is that it's hard to know where to start! You could check out either of the lists I put together for National Craft Month (Craft Books One or Craft Books Two), or browse the New Book Shelves (start around Dewey 646 or 745).

I first spotted the colorful ducks of Sockology in the New Books. Although the idea of cutting up my beloved socks sounded crazy, I kept thinking about the adorable stuffed animals. I finally gave into temptation earlier this month (with the help of a pack of clearance crew socks in entirely the wrong size), and checked out both Sockology and Ms. Maloney's first book, Socks Appeal.

Not only are the projects adorable and fun, the writing is entertaining and accessible to crafters like myself who have only the most basic grasp on sewing, much to the frustration of my more knowledgeable friends and family.

I opted to tackle the cover project of Sockology, the Sitting Duck, because with only five pieces to keep track of and only one technical term (gusset, which until just now, I was convinced was a technical term for the underside of a duck) it seemed to be within my abilities. I managed to follow most of the directions, though I attached the beak incorrectly and I opted to use lentils rather than rice as stuffing. I'll leave it to you, loyal readers, to judge my success, but I can't wait to try another pattern!

-Sarah, Adult Services

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