Friday, March 9, 2012

Read Alike: Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman has shown himself to be one the big names in comics for the 21st century. He's written for long standing franchises like the X-Men, as well as original series like The Walking Dead. His writing is compelling and plot-driven with complicated sub plots. Mr. Kirkman produces books that are bleak, gruesome, and aware of conventions and history of the genre.

The Walking Dead captured the popular imagination with its menacing zombies and the complicated interactions of its cast of characters. Recently adapted as a television program, which is also available at Carnegie-Stout.

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, we have more that you might enjoy:

World War Z by Max Brooks
A dystopian world inspired by zombie filled horror movies as written by the humorous nonfiction guide, The Zombie Survival Guide. Rich with detail, with subtle dark humor, this “historical account” of the zombie apocalypse is engaging. Similar in form to a collection of short stories, the action follows multiple characters.

Y the Last Man by Brian K Vaughan
Mr. Vaughan is known for his fast-paced stories, engaging dialog, well-crafted characters, and subtle consideration of social issues. His graphic novel series Y the Last Man follows Yorick Brown, the only man to survive an apocalypse and his adventures in a world populated entirely by women. Start with Unmanned, and be warned that this series contains graphic depictions of violence and sexuality.

The Passage by Justin Cronin
The Passage is the story of a band of survivors, the last humans uninfected by terrible plague developed by the government that turns the infected into vampire-like creatures. Bleak, suspenseful, and character-driven, with subtle homages to the work of Stephen King, this gory tale of survival in the face of unspeakable horror has appeal for those who don't typically pick up a horror novel.

Preacher by Garth Ennis
Mr. Ennis' work is not for young readers, readers with weak stomachs, or those uncomfortable with negative portrayals of religion. But if you're looking for a gritty, action-packed, dialog-rich story of a rag tag group of friends and their fight for justice and against evil, this is the series for you. Start with Gone to Texas, the Reverend Jesse Custer, his gun crazy ex-girlfriend, and an Irish vampire hit the road on a quest to find God and hold Him accountable for the state of the world.

Planetary by Warren Ellis
Mr. Ellis has written for DC, Marvel, Image, and even tried his hand at webcomics. He has an ability to blend cynical dystopias with hopeful idealism. Dark humor and wit abound in his stories that draw from current events and popular mythology. His series Planetary, follows the Archaeologists of the Impossible, who are anything but ordinary themselves, and their quest for the truth behind urban legends.

From Hell by Alan Moore
Mr. Moore's work has earned him both a Hugo and an Eisner, in addition to scores of devoted fans. Known for his intricate plots, thought-provoking themes and wit, Mr. Moore's comics are meant for mature readers and contain graphic sex and violence. Start with From Hell, a bleak and disturbing story of Jack the Ripper.

The Stand by Stephen King
Mr. King has long dominated the horror genre with his atmospheric stories of good versus evil. In The Stand humanity is decimated by a menacing plague, and the story follows and increasingly small group of survivors. The novel has been adapted as a television mini-series as well as a series of graphic novels. The graphic novel series starts with Captain Trips and is scripted by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. The graphic novel is a faithful translation that keeps the tension high with short scenes and creepy art (warning: the plague victims are pretty gross).

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  1. I LOVE "Raising Stony Mayhall" - a very original book about zombies!!!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Emily! We'll be sure to include "Raising Stony Mayhall" on our October horror display!