Monday, April 9, 2012

Choose your Favorite Haiku!

To celebrate National Poetry Month, Carnegie-Stout Public Library is having a Library Haiku Contest! We've received a number of wonderful haikus over the past week. Our winners will be displayed on the announcement monitors in the library, as part of our Poetry Month display, and posted to our Blog and Facebook pages.

Help us select our winners by voting for your favorite entries in the comments section of this post. No sign up or log in required! And yes! We're still accepting last minute entries.

Entry One
Library heaven
on any day of the week
perusing the aisles

Entry Two
Adventure, surprise,
mystery, romance, sci-fi
at your library

Entry Three
Eight plus points to staff*,
such care makes the Telegraph.
Deep joy, that's no laugh.

Entry Four
Discover yourself,
at your local library
live the adventure

Entry Five
under the fan
crickets chirp
unsettled weather

Entry Six
Books, books everywhere
as far as the eye can see
could life "be" more fair?

Entry Seven
Bluff blooming
spring winds
aha! gifts

Entry Eight
Lazy summer days
spent reading under a tree
near the library

Entry Nine
When I first met you
When I first hugged you,
I thought being by your side
Is where I should be

Entry TenOppressive silence,
Then anguished cries, crazed murmurs,
@ your library (tm)

Entry Eleven
Collected wisdom,
Painstakingly curated.
Also, DVDs.

Entry Twelve
Where darkness once reigned,
A spark catches in the mind,
Kindled by reading.

Entry Thirteen
Where once we knew shame,
Our lustful clinch is now veiled.
Reading on Kindle.

Entry Fourteen
Wonderment is found,
Instilled in our minds by books.
I travel so far.