Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Best Seller Read-Alikes for the Week of September 10th

Can’t wait to get your hands on the latest best-seller, but the hold list is too long? To tide you over, every week we’ll offer similar titles and authors to the week’s fiction and nonfiction best sellers.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is once again #1 on the best sellers list. Sarah wrote a great read-alike for Flynn, which you can find here. At #2 is the latest installment in the Chief Inspector Gamache series, The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny. The mystery open when the choir director of a monastery in a remote corner of Quebec is murdered, his skull bashed in with a rock. Outsiders are not allowed inside the monastery’s walls, where 24 cloistered monks pray, make chocolate, and sing. But with the murder, Chief Inspector Gamache and Inspector Jean-Guy Beauvoir are allowed inside and they soon find serious divisions among the outwardly unified and placid monks.

Authors similar to Louise Penny include:

P.D. James - Another author who takes readers inside closed societies with her Adam Dalgliesh mysteries, she deftly explores modern-day murders prompted by old-fashioned motives. James delves into the psychological nuances of her characters and unflinchingly includes social issues and the effects of modern-day violence. Start with the first in the Dalgliesh series, Cover Her Face.

Rita Mae BrownThe Sister Jane Foxhunting mysteries by Brown are amateur detective stories offering well-formed, deep characters, an exploration of social issues, and a mix of humor and detection, all set in small-town Virginia. Start with first in the series, Outfoxed.

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At #1 on the nonfiction best seller's list is Obama's America: Unmaking the American Dream by Dinesh D'Souza.  A follow-up to his 2011 The Roots of Obama's Rage, D'Souza's latest book argues that President Obama intends to weaken America so that other nations may rise in the name of global fairness, claiming that a second Obama term would bring about defense cuts and increased dependence on foreign energy.

Other books similar to Obama's America include:

The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House by Edward Klein (973.932 KLE) Klein, former editor of The New York Times Magazine, argues in his book that President Obama is arrogant and incompetent and discusses how his wife wields immense control over him, the real reason Rahm Emmanuel left the White House, and how Obama has forgotten and ignored those who helped put him in power.

Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America (2012) by Mark Levin (320.973 LEV): The nationally syndicated conservative radio host explores the philosophical basis of America's foundations as well as the crises facing government today.

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If you'd like more recommendations, stop by the Recommendations Desk on the first floor, check out NoveList Plus on the library's website, or visit W. 11th & Bluff next week for more reading suggestions. Or submit a Personal Recommendations request, and we'll create a reading list just for you!

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