Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Spiritually Cleansing Trip to the Hot Springs

NaNo writers, not to put any pressure on you or anything, but you only have four days left!!! To help push you over the edge, here are some blurbs from reviews of novels which are actually being published in the next few weeks. Enjoy! And then grab your pencil nubs and get back to work!!!
Occasional moments of fine writing cannot salvage this unpromising debut. 
Unfortunately, the combination of a melodramatic storyline and a focus on minutiae make for a forgettable read. 
A novel that badly wants to be cool but is rarely more than sophomoric. 
The climax is no more believable than its antecedents. 
It was an interesting and enjoyable story, however the numerous grammatical errors (almost on every page) detract from it. 
The odds that this book will be eliminated in the first round are high.  
... readers should be prepared for some wooden dialogue. 
... feels too overburdened with coincidences to be credible. 
Blatant metaphors of winter, spring, and a spiritually cleansing trip to the hot springs don't buoy the disagreeable proceedings. 
Readers who find the sophomoric jokes funny will enjoy the hijinks. 
Those looking for a thriller with action beyond the occasional gun battle should search elsewhere. 
... yet another religious thriller with a gimmick that fails to match that of The Da Vinci Code
... the excessively complicated plot makes for slow-going. 
A disappointing example of how thorough research can hobble a novel. 
Even as a spoof, which is how it reads, this lurid work is less than entertaining. 
The excitement is somewhat undermined by instances of clunky dialogue and the too-familiar setting and cast …  
... the narrative, carried by so many disparate points of view, never quite comes into focus. 
New York's hipster youth scene is ripe for satire, but unfortunately this novel fails to find the mark. 
If this all sounds more than a little familiar, it is.

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