Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote today!

After so many months (years?) Election Day has finally arrived!

If you haven't already voted, as about 30% of Dubuque County has, the Iowa Secretary of State's website can help you find out if you're registered to vote and where your polling place is. Absentee voters can track their ballot here and military voters can also find information about how to cast their ballots here.

The Dubuque County Auditor's website also has helpful information for voters, including sample ballots, precinct maps, past election results, and contact information and the locations of election offices in Dubuque County.

Wisconsin voters can get information from the State of Wisconsin Government Accountability Board's website here. Illinois voters should visit the Illinois Board of Election's website here for assistance.

If you'd like to do some last minute research on the candidates, the TH has a great collection of election information here (remember, you can read the THonline for free at the library). For information about the Judicial Ballot, The Iowa Bar Association has published their yearly Judaical Performance Review here . If you're puzzled about some of the claims made by candidates, FactCheck.org is a good place to start.

Curious about the Electoral College? The National Archives hosts a website that describes the College's purpose and function here (it's a process, not a place!) You can also view past results and make your own map to predict and track election results. Or, you can watch School House Rock's musical explanation here!

And once you've performed your civic duty, reward yourself with this video of Internet sensation Maru attempting to fit into a series of small boxes. Because you've earned it!

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