Friday, March 1, 2013

March Magazines of the Month

On March 3rd, the internet asks you to consider, "What if your pets had thumbs?" If your cat were able to open his own can of food, would he have any need for you? If your dog could text, how astronomical would your phone bill be? If your goldfish had thumbs, would it also grow arms and hands? Is that just the first step to real life mermaids?

As you consider the ramifications, you might find you need to relax with a nice magazine. Never fear! Carnegie-Stout is here with subscriptions to both Cat Fancy AND Dog Fancy!

Dog Fancy's homepage can be found here, and Cat Fancy's can be found at this link. Both magazines are published by BowTie, Inc., an organization responsible for a large number of animal related periodicals. Cat Fancy began publication in 1965. Dog Fancy's first issue was published in 1970.

 You might also enjoy checking out some of our other cat & dog blog posts including a list of mysteries for dog lovers, Allison's review of Kitty Cornered by Bob Tarte, our previous magazine of the month, Bark, or our Pinterest board featuring the cats of library employees!

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