Monday, April 1, 2013

New Books for a New Month!

Today marks the start of a brand new month, and the long awaited arrival of spring weather! To celebrate, Andrew gives us a sneak peak at some fresh titles.

Lawn Gone
Landscaper and caterer Vivian "Kentucky" Bluegrass, Tuck to her friends, is in the weeds when she shows up for what should be a gala opening for a wealthy client's new yard but instead finds a plot of bare earth. Things really get dirty when the pinched peat shows up across town -- on top of the dead body of Zoysia Green, Tuck's biggest competition! With the help of hunky handyman Randy Bulb, psychic canine Digger, and a mysterious dryad named Sprout, Tuck's in a race against time to clear her name before the first frost!

Includes recipes and gardening tips.

Proof of Heaven
Having had his fill of tasteless communion wafers, Italian master baker Sacco Cerevisi set out to re-discover the liturgical loaves that inspired over 100 Bible verses. Cerevisi's first foray into the unfamiliar grains of the ancient Middle-East may have produced a staff of death, but through tireless experimentation he develops his seven core ingredients into a multitude of recipes easy enough to make daily, quick enough to throw together in a hurry, and hearty enough to strengtheneth man's heart.

Alex Cross, Run
 "Three dead bodies. One, Two, Three. Alex Cross, Run!"
With these three sentences, the James Patterson biblio-empire stakes its claim in the early readers market. With colorful illustrations and an appropriately simple vocabulary, Patterson spins a tale of murder and intrigue that will keep even the littlest tot flipping pages through the bitter end! 

This Is Not My Hat
The eagerly-awaited tell-all memoir from the first Pope Emeritus of modern times! The mitre is an enduring symbol of the papacy, but, for Benedict XVI, it never sat comfortably upon the papal brow. This title is heavily embargoed, with a street date enforced by the Swiss Guard, but the promise of rare glimpse of the man behind the vestments has readers lining up! 

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons
A grisly true crime story that has reviewers locking their doors and calling their loved ones! In the love-drenched streets of 1960s San Francisco, death walks on padded feet. Pete the cuddly tabby prowls the night with lethal doses of LSD hidden in the buttons on his collar. What demented killer pours this kitty's kibble? How will the FBI declaw this vicious mouser?*

A Week in Winter
When a jotun magus opens a portal to Niflheim and unleashes a supernatural blizzard, Mathghamhain, Druid of the Iron Grove, must leave his sacred copse and travel north, into the frozen fury of the storm. The greatest Irish fantasist of our age broadens hir range as hir fan-favorite Celtic hero leaves the Emerald Isle to battle the villians of Norse mythology.  

Vampires in the Lemon Grove 
Something something fruit bats. 

*Blood spatter image used in creation of Pete the Cat cover from a photo by Emily Raw:

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  1. Okay, I'm the most excited about "This is not my hat." I hear there's a twist at the end, something about a fish... probably on a Friday in Lent, no doubt. Excellent!