Friday, June 14, 2013

BFFs & Frenemies

While I find the term "frenemies" objectionable, I admit to enjoying stories about poisonous, nice-to-your-face relationships. Bitter, backstabbing jealousy covered in a thin mask of friendship can make for some delicious conflict in a story. Often, but not always, the characters in these twisted friendships are women, often young, privileged women. So, if like me, you're cursed with wonderfully supportive friends and a dearth of couture, try picking up one of these books, movies, or TV shows and exploring the turmoil beneath the perfect facade.

Movies and TV


I'm So Happy for You by Lucinda Rosenfeld
Wendy and Daphne have always been friends, and Wendy has always been the successful, stable one. Now Daphne seems to have stumbled into the perfect life, and Wendy is left reeling with jealousy. Rosenfeld's fast-paced and engaging novel is by turns reflective and sassy, with plenty of drama.

Friends Like Us by Lauren Fox
Willa and Jane have been friends and roommates since college, but their Milwaukee apartment becomes crowded when Jane starts dating Willa's friend from high school. Fox's witty and bittersweet exploration of relationships in your 20s will ring true for many New Adults.

More Like Her by Liza Palmer
Ms. Palmer’s novels are about women in the process of confronting their dissatisfaction with their lives and relationships with wit and emotion. While some of her titles are lighter and more romantic, her most recent novel, More Like Her, is somewhat darker. Frannie is convinced that her coworker, Emma, has the perfect life, and that her own is a disappointing mess, but then Frannie finds that Emma isn’t so perfect after all.

Dare Me by Megan Abbott
 Edgar-winning novelist Megan Abbott’s suspenseful, character-driven novels present a feminine perspective on the darker corners of the mystery genre. Dare Me is a fast-paced and disturbing glimpse into the cut-throat dynamics of cheerleading. A new, popular coach upends the power structure of Sutton Grove High School’s squad. Manipulation, revenge, and jealousy all increase the tension of this psychological page-turner.

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