Friday, June 7, 2013

Read Alike Dan Brown

Love him or hate him, there's no question that Dan Brown has a gift for writing a real page turner. His most recent book, Inferno, is the fourth to feature the popular symbologist and conspiracy magnet, Robert Langdon. Brown's writing is fast-paced and plot-driven, with interesting puzzles and elements drawn from a variety of disciplines, from art to science.

Two of the Robert Langdon novels, The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, have been adapted as movies with Tom Hanks in the starring role. While neither film received rave reviews from the critics, both did quite well at the box office, so it's likely that Hollywood is at the very least considering movies for The Lost Symbol and Inferno.

You can read more about Dan Brown on his website:

If you're waiting to borrow a copy of Inferno from the library, or if you've already finished it, we've gathered together a few reading suggestions for you to check out:

The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell
Mr. Caldwell has written one novel so far, inspired, in part, by the success of The Da Vinci Code and his experiences at Princeton. His Rule of Four, is fast-paced and suspenseful, but somewhat more scholarly with rich historical and academic detail. Set in Princeton, the action follows a group of seniors who get caught up in the puzzle of a mysterious 15th century text, the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, and then one student is murdered.

The Confessor by Daniel Silva 
Bestselling author Daniel Silva is known for his fast-paced thrillers. His protagonist usually has a background in espionage, and his books tend to be violent. His series featuring Mossad agent and art restorer Gabriel Allon is packed with suspense and corruption. The series starts with The Kill Artist, which is available as an eBook in our OverDrive collection. If you're not a fan of eReading, try The Confessor, Allon partners with Pietro, a priest, to uncover secrets of a Catholic society and an assassination.

The Charlemagne Pursuit  by Steve Berry
Steve Berry's Cotton Malone series has a suspenseful mix of historical research and action, as the former Federal agent tackles globe-spanning conspiracies. The series starts with The Templar Legacy, which is available through OverDrive as an eBook. The Charlemagne Pursuit is another good starting point for this series. Cotton Malone is on the trail for answers to his father's mysterious death in a submarine, and the key might be in a manuscript found in Charlegmagne's tomb.

Ark of Fire by C.M. Palov
C.M. Palov's first novel, Ark of Fire, is a fast-paced puzzler that will keep the reader guessing along with the characters. Photographer Edie Miller finds herself drawn into a larger mystery after witnessing the theft of an ancient Hebrew relic. She's joined in her suspenseful, globe-spanning pursuit by historian Caedmon Aisquith, but can they find the truth before the villains catch them?

Other authors to check out include: Matthew Reilly, Raymond Khoury, and Scott Mariani.

You might also enjoy checking out Cheap Thrills, a book blog devoted to the thriller genre by a local blogger:

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