Friday, August 23, 2013

I Geek Night Vale

"Remember, if approached by a librarian,

keep still.

Do not run away.

Try to make yourself bigger than the librarian."

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There is a small desert community known as Night Vale, and I want to move there. Unfortunately, I don't have the qualifications to work in the Night Vale Public Library (I'd be too squeamish to remove a hand for an overdue book). Fortunately, I can catch up on the latest Night Vale news twice a month through Cecil's community radio program, and I think you should too.

Poster by Maddie (castiellocked on Tumblr)
If you're already one of the thousands of listeners who have made Welcome to Night Vale the most popular podcast on iTunes, I'll see you behind Ralph's sometime. If you haven't listened yet, and you enjoy dark humor (including library jokes), local gossip, and just a touch of romance, you should be listening.

Cartoonist Kate Leth put it perfectly when she said that Night Vale is "like Stephen King and Neil Gaiman started building a town in The Sims and then just… Left it running. For years." Night Vale has this abundance of imaginative detail that mixes the unexpected in with the mundane.

You can't check Night Vale out from the library, but if you're not sure how to download a podcast that's something we can help you with. You can find out more aboutt he program on the official website:

~Sarah, Adult Services

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