Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Malloren World Series by Jo Beverly

New York Times bestselling author Jo Beverley wrote her first Malloren book in 1993.  Her most recent title in the series, Seduction in Silk, published in August 2013, introduced me to the Malloren world, and I was compelled to go back to the beginning.

In very short order I read the original five books that tell the stories of Beowulf Malloren, Marquess of Rothgar, and his half-siblings, Arcenbryght, Brand and the twins Cynric and Elfled.
Although Beowulf, Bey to his family, is oldest, his story comes last.  His father and step-mother die when Bey is 19, and he refuses to let his family be separated.  When Bey was a toddler, he was unable to prevent his mother from killing his infant sister Edith.  He does not want his heir to have this taint of madness.  Throughout the first four books, readers learn more and more about the Malloren family and, as his brothers and sisters find adventure and love, speculate if Bey will break his vow never to marry.  Bey is the most complicated character I’ve met so far in the series, and I like Devilish best.  He is haughty and dictatorial, politically astute and still a devoted brother.

Beverley, a five-time recipient of the Romance Writers of America's RITA Award, and a member of the RWA Hall of Fame, has a degree in history from Keele University.  She imbues her Georgian historical romances with well-researched and accurate details.  She has a lively website and is one of eight authors blogging since 2006 as The Word Wenches.  While I like the interlinking characters in the Malloren world, it is Beverley’s ability to create distinct character and plot elements for each title that kept me reading.  She joins Mary Balogh, Eloisa James, and Julia Quinn as authors that are part of my Author Alerts service, so I am notified when a new book is released.

~ Michelle, Adult Services

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