Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ComicsPlus Library Edition

Carnegie-Stout has digital books, audio books, music, and magazines. These services have proven to be a popular option that lets folks get library materials without worrying about hours or parking. Now, thanks to funding from the Friends of the Library, we're pleased to start offering digital comics.

ComicsPlus Library Edition offers thousands of comics, readable on any device with an internet connection and a full-featured web browser. The comics look great and work smoothly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. To get started, click the link above or go to our homepage, mouse over E-Branch Library to select Digital Collections, and then click the link for ComicsPlus Library Edition.

To start reading comics you'll need both a library card and a ComicsPlus account. If you're new to ComicsPlus, you'll want to start by clicking Register Now to make an account. Just type in your email address and make up a password (the password must contain numbers, lowercase and uppercase characters -- minimum 5 characters).

Once you've created your account and return to the login page, click on the Library box to switch it to
Carnegie-Stout. Then enter your email address, the password you just made, your library card number, and your PIN (the boxes for your card number and PIN are labeled Patron Username and Patron Password). If you get an error saying that your patron username or password are considered invalid, it's probably a simple issue with your card. Give the library a call at (563) 589-4225 and we'll probably be able to clear it up over the phone.

Once you've logged in, you can browse the available comics by publisher or search by title and author. When you find something you want, just click Borrow to start reading. Titles check out for one week. You don't need to do anything once the week is up. Your expired comic will just disappear. Every comic can be read by any number of patrons at a time, so you'll never see something that isn't available. Because you read the comic online rather than downloading it, you do need to have an Internet connection while reading.

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