Thursday, July 31, 2014

Staff Review: The End of Always by Randi Davenport

It’s the turn of the century in Waukesha, Wisconsin and seventeen-year-old Marie is trying to break out of her family history by not marrying a violent man. Both her grandmother and her mother were controlled by the men in their lives and Marie will not take it anymore. After her mother dies in a mysterious accident when her father was the only witness, Marie knows that she is next. Her older sister does not want to disturb the rules of the family and maintains that this world belongs to men and the women belong to them. Her younger sister is too young to understand the truth about their family, but Marie knows that it won’t last for long because her father is still in charge of the household. 

Marie is forced to get a job and is still dominated by an older man who does not hide his true feelings for her. Then she meets a young man who gives Marie her sense of freedom, and she believes that he is her way out of her controlling family. She is head over heels in love and he feels the same about her, but her father will not permit this. So Marie and her love are forced to meet at night when her father is at work. Eventually they do run away together to get married and begin their new life. Then things change and Marie realizes she left one controlling family for a different one. 

Based on a true story about the author’s great grandmother, The End of Always highlights the struggle of women in trying to find their place in society. Many think the old ways should not be disturbed, but there are some that stand up for justice. Marie was one of those women and it is amazing to read the rest of her story.

~Andrea, Circulation

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