Wednesday, December 10, 2014

9 Library Books to Help You With Last Minute Gifts

What better way to show your friends and family how much they mean to you than with a handmade gift? If nothing else, it's guaranteed to be unique! Carnegie-Stout Public Library has a large and varied collection of craft books, which we've narrowed down to the nine suggestions below.

Crafts From Your Microwave by Alison Jenkins & Kate Morris
(745.5 JEN)
This title offers a variety of crafting options from dried flowers to salt dough, and even some edible treats!

100 Snowflakes to Crochet by Caitlin Sainio
(746.434 SAI)
If you're looking for quick project and you already know how to crochet, this is your ticket. Your aunt, grandmother, or coworker is sure to appreciate a handmade snowflake they can hang from the tree, or use as a coaster. The book is organized with the simpler projects right in the front.

(745.5 WIL)
Now that duct tape is sold in a seemingly endless variety of patterns, colors, and even scents, a duct tape wallet or apron can be customized for anyone on your list.

Socks Appeal by Brenna Maloney
(745.5924 MAL)
Have you ever lost a sock in the washing machine? Of course you have! What do you do with the leftover socks? Don't throw them out! Instead you can turn socks into adorable stuffed animals. Check out Sarah's staff review of the second volume, Sockology.

Crafting with Cat Hair by Kaori Tsutaya
(745.5 TSU)
And what does one do with all of the hair your kitty companions donate to your couches, carpets, sweaters, and slacks? Tsutaya has the answer: make crafts. If you're planning to make a gift, it might mean more if you use cat hair from your friend's cat, though we're not sure how you could collect it and keep things a surprise.

Austentatious Crochet by Melissa Horozewski
(746.432 HOR)
To avoid those awkward "why are you putting cat hair in a plastic baggy" conversations, it might be better to make something inspired by your friend's favorite fandom. We all know someone who just loves, loves, loves Mr. Darcy, so break out that crochet hook!

Star Trek Craft Book by Angie Pedersen
(745.5 PED)
Or maybe your friends are more into Star Trek? Whether their favorite captain is Kirk or Picard, this book has a craft project that will have them saying "'IwlIj jachjaj!" Features crafts from The Original Series through Enterprise (fans of the J.J. Abrams reboot are out of luck). Staff favorites include the Star Fleet uniform for dogs and the make your own tribble.

Animal Hats by Vanessa Mooncie
(746.432 MOO)
Everyone has a favorite animal, or at least an answer to the question, "What's your favorite animal?" While these hats aren't for novice knitters, they are incredibly adorable. Especially cute animal hats include: elephant, lion, and pig.

Wacky Baby Knits by Alison Jenkins
(746.432 JEN)
Really pressed for time? Maybe make some adorable monster booties for a baby. Babies are small, so these projects might go a little faster. Your friend or daughter doesn't have a baby? That's okay, they won't assume it's a subtle hint for grandchildren if you say the booties are for their cat.

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