Monday, March 7, 2016

Join the First Annual Great Reading Challenge!

Carnegie-Stout Public Library is doing something new this year. We are having a year-long reading challenge for our adult readers. You have until the end of 2016 to read 24 books - with the catch being (fun catch, I think!) that your books have to fit into one of our book categories.

The challenge was built to appeal to as many people as possible. People who want to challenge themselves and expand their reading horizons by reading from the different categories or genres will find lots of new areas to explore. But, our categories do fit just about any type of book, so don't worry if you like to keep reading in your favorite niche or genre.

Some examples of our categories (we have over 50 in all):

Read a love story
Read a book by a North American author
Read a book recommended by a friend
Read book you have always meant to read
Read a true crime book
Listen to an audio book
Read a book of poetry
Read a graphic novel
Read a microhistory

If 24 books seems like a lot to read in the next 11 months, never fear. You can substitute for up to 12 of those books by attending events at the library in 2016. The only rule is that the events have to be adult events. Events like Coloring, Nerf, Book Clubs, etc. will count toward the challenge.

You can register and submit your book logs online, or stop by the Recommendations Desk on first floor. There are small prizes at 12 books (50%) and 18 books (75%) read. When you complete the challenge, you will be invited to a reception in January 2017 and can put your name in to win a gift-basket, with prizes from our sponsors: Dubuque Food Co-op, Inspire Cafe, Mindframe Theaters, L. May Eatery, River Lights Bookstore, Rubix Coffee, Jumble Coffee Company, East Mill Bakeshop & Catering, Manna Java World Cafe and Outside the Lines Art Gallery.

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