Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Book Tips for Travelers

Travel brings with it a change in your daily routine. Whether you're on the road for fun or for business, you're bound to have at least a little free time, which, if you're a book lover, translates to reading time. As a lover of both books and travel, I thought I'd share some of the tips I've learned over the years for the upcoming summer travel season.
 Switch it up! Tackle your To Be Read list
  • A vacation is a great time to read a book you wouldn't usually, whether it's the sort of serious reading that demands extra attention or something light and fluffy you'd otherwise feel guilty taking time off to read.
Busy schedule? Try short stories
  • Short story collections are great for when you'll only have 30-minutes or so at a time to read between everything else because you can usually read an entire story in that time!
  • Added bonus, an anthology will let you sample multiple authors to see if you'd like to read their full-length novels when you have more free time.
eBooks: the easiest way to bring the entire library with you
  • Already on the road? Our OverDrive collection of eBooks and downloadable audiobooks are available anywhere you have internet access.
Audiobooks: the only way to read a book while you're driving a car
  • MP3 audiobooks let you listen to an entire 12+ hour audiobook on only two discs.
  • In addition to our OverDrive collection, we have even more downloadable audiobooks available through One Click Digital.
Paper Books: the only books you don't have to stop reading during take-off and landing
  • Nothing beats a paper book for reading in bright sun, and you never have to worry about recharging!
  • They're easy to swap among friends and family, which is how I've discovered some of my favorite books.
  • Don't want to risk one of your books or a library book? The Friends of the Library always have books for sale on the library's second floor, and the prices can't be beat!
Digital Magazines: we've got those too
  • Check out the latest issue on your tablet or smartphone with your library card through our Zinio app.
Long Trip? Suspend your holds
  • Been waiting for the latest James Patterson or Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Don't lose your spot, suspend your holds until you get back, and yes, we can do this for you over the phone.
~Sarah, Adult Services

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