Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sarah's Favorite Bingeworthy TV Series

You might think that, as a librarian, I spend all my free time reading books, but in my downtime I'm just as likely to be sitting on the couch watching TV. I was inspired by my colleague Amy to share a few of my favorite bingeworthy TV series that don't appear on HGTV.
I've mentioned two of my favorites here before: Orphan Black and How to Get Away with Murder, so I'll trust you to read my earlier blog posts if you're curious and instead talk about some new favorites!

Elementary A variation on the classic character of Sherlock Holmes transplanted into modern day New York City and featuring Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson. This isn't a series that requires you to watch every single episode to enjoy or understand the plot.

Mindy Project Mindy Kaling stars in her own Rom Com-inspired TV series that isn't afraid to change up the cast. Although some episodes rely a bit more on frat boy humor than I'd prefer, when this show is good, it is crazy good.

You're the Worst The humor in this series is very adult and very dark. Casual sex, drug use, and profanity are just the tip of the iceberg of reasons why you might not enjoy this show. At some point I have declared each of the main characters as the Absolute Worst, but I still love these deeply flawed and vulnerable fictional people.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine I avoided this series for three years because I was somehow convinced I wouldn't like a series about a scrappy Brooklyn police department. I was wrong: I love it. This is my new go-to upbeat ensemble comedy (I miss you, Parks & Rec!) and it is the show I turn to when I've had a bad day.

Leverage When I've had a really bad day, I turn on Leverage. Absolutely any episode leaves me feeling better about humanity. It's quirky, goofy, and most importantly, this team of bad guys always helps the normal people hurt by the rich, powerful and corrupt to get justice.

~Sarah, Adult Services

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