Wednesday, March 29, 2017

#ComicsWednesday: Steven Universe: Too Cool for School by Ian Jones-Quartey, Jeremy Sorese, Asia Kendrick-Horton, & Rachel Dukes

Steven Universe is one of the many cartoons for kids that has won over teens and adults as well as little ones. This graphic novelization explores the friendship between Steven and Connie, and answers the question "Why doesn't Steven go to school?" If you're a fan of the show, I'm sure you have already figured out why.

I won't bother trying to explain Steven Universe to the uninitiated. Like a lot of modern cartoons, it manages to be both simple and complex. Let's focus, instead, on this graphic novel. Steven Universe: Too Cool for School was delightful. I already love Steven Universe so I am a tiny bit biased. However, Ian Jones-Quartey and Jeremy Sorese did a great job with the story. Asia Kendrick-Horton and Rachel Dukes captured the artistic style of the show perfectly.

Steven is bored one morning, and decides to tag along to school with his best human friend Connie. At first, things are going pretty well, but when Steven's home life follows him to school, only Steven, Connie, and the Crystal Gems can set things mostly right. The plot is simple, but the characters and story are engaging and fun.

You don't have to be a fan of the show to enjoy this graphic novel. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Adventure Time, Bee & Puppycat, or Bravest Warriors. This book includes enough ridiculousness and silly jokes that it could be enjoyed by anyone. But you should really watch the show. (Seriously, do it.)

- Libby, Youth Services

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