Saturday, September 24, 2011

Library eBooks on your Kindle: A how-to guide

Carnegie-Stout Public Library now offers eBooks in Kindle format! Downloading a library eBook to your Kindle is easy. Read on for a step-by-step guide ...

First, visit our Downloadable Collection site and browse for a title. Once you’ve found an eBook you’d like to check out, look under the “Format Information” heading. Add the title to your cart, making sure you select the Kindle Book edition.

When you’re ready to check out, go to “My Cart” and select “Proceed to Checkout.” Sign in with your library card number and your PIN, and then click “Confirm checkout.”
Once you’ve checked out your eBook, you will be taken to the Download screen.

Click on “Get for Kindle”. You’ll be taken to the website, and click on “Get Library Book” (you may need to sign in to your Amazon account).

If you have a wireless-enabled Kindle, you can have the eBook delivered automatically to your Kindle. Or, you can download the book to your computer and transfer the eBook via USB (for assistance in downloading and transferring an eBook to your Kindle, visit Kindle Help).

Managing your public library Kindle eBooks

To manage your public library Kindle eBooks, sign into your Kindle Library on eBooks that you have borrowed from the library will be marked with “public library” by the title.

Clicking on the title will show you additional information, including the date the eBook will expire. 

You can also have the title re-sent to your Kindle, download & transfer it via USB, return the eBook early or delete it from your Kindle library.

Kindle eBooks checked out from the library will remain on your Kindle for two weeks. Three days before your eBook is due, you will receive a reminder notice from Amazon. You will also receive an email when the eBook expires.

When an eBook expires, it will remain on your Kindle until you delete it, but you will be unable to open the eBook. Expired eBooks will be marked with “Loan Ended” on your Home screen.

For more help, visit Amazon’s Public Library Books for Kindle page or email us at

Happy e-reading!

~ Allison, Adult Services

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