Saturday, March 1, 2014

Garden Gate and Organic Gardening: March Magazines of the Month

Spring is finally on its way, and with the official change of season on March 20th, it's time to start planning your garden. Whether you're looking at grand landscaping or just trying to grow some potted flowers, Carnegie-Stout has the materials to help you get started.

We're highlighting two of our many gardening magazines this month:

Garden Gate began publication in 1995, and has remained a popular source for gardening advice, tips, and information. The magazine's publisher, August Home, is based in Des Moines, Iowa, and the magazine is notable for the lack of advertisements. You can check out an issue from the library, or take a look at the extra features available on their website: 

 Organic Gardening began publication in 1942, and is today part of the Rodale, which publishes several health and wellness magazines. The magazine's decades of focus on the environment provide a wealth of expertise for today's interest in sustainability and the green movement. Organic Gardening is available in both print and digital collections. To check out a digital issue of this or many other magazines through your computer or tablet, check out Zinio. Additional features and content are available through their website:

Previous magazines of the month with a gardening theme have included: Urban Farm and Fine Gardening. Or if you find that you much prefer reading about gardening to actually getting your hands dirty, check out this list of gardening themed mysteries.

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